Dear Travellers,
we are really glad to announce that since June 3rd we have reopened and we are looking forward to welcoming you again
with the special attention that has always distinguished us,
and for your health and safety we will take the highest care in cleaning and disinfecting our houses.
As usual you will have each property only for your exclusive use to ensure you top relaxation on your holiday.

And for your best convenience, we have just launched special offers valid from this summer till the end of the year:
  • free cancellation till 7 days before arrival
  • 15% off for 5/6 nights /25% off for 7+ nights /
    35% off for 14+ nights /45% off for 21+ nights
Let’s enjoy our new rediscovered dimension living a deeper sense of time and beauty.
We look forward to welcoming you in Sicily.

The South as a direction for the soul, the destination of a journey of self-discovery inside and outside the self. The South of warm Sicilian nights, of intricate works on dry-stone walls, of sunlit baroque geometries sculpted by the light. The South of Val di Noto, birthplace of painters and poets, millennial crossroads and melting pot of Mediterranean culture. Anime a Sud offers a genuine experience of hospitality in bespoke artistic residences, which combine history and contemporaneity, a passion for art with respect for the environment. In the fascinating town of Modica, a UNESCO World Heritage site, famous for its chocolate and for its spectacular baroque architecture, Casa KIMIYA’ and Residenza HORTUS are the ideal refuge for the sophisticated traveler looking for a Sicily made of intensity, silence and meditation. In Siracusa, on the island of Ortigia, Casa SABIR opens out on to the colours and aromas of the historic market and on to the blue of Ionian Sea, rewarding the guest with a unique experience of the authentic and vibrant Sicily. Take your time. Our residences will be your privileged location to absorb the complex soul of this fascinating corner of the South.

our abodes, always for your exclusive use
Anime a Sud residenze di charme Modica Siracusa Sicilia Sicily
Residenza Hortus Modica Sicilia Sicily Anime a Sud bio architettura
Siracusa, Ortigia
Bio architettura Casa Sabir Siracusa Anime a Sud Sicilia Sicily


The Cathedral of San Giorgio is only a few steps away from our abodes in Modica. Start from this masterpiece of baroque architecture and lose yourself in the silent and decadent charm of the ancient capital of the County, where the stone sculpted by men blends with the rocks shaped by nature. In Siracusa, the second stop that we propose, the layers of history stretch back as far as ancient Greece. Looking out from our property in Ortigia, you will be able to breathe in the scents coming from the market and the sea. And all around is the Val di Noto, a land of aching beauty to explore: beaches, tonnaras and natural reserves.

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Traveling in the South-East of Sicily is an extraordinary experience of flavours and scents. Delight your senses with the black gold of Modica, the famous chocolate whose recipe dates back to the time of Spanish rule. Stop in the best wineries to taste some Nero d’Avola and Cerasuolo di Vittoria, or take in the sounds and voices coming from the market stalls whilst in search of local produce from the sea and the countryside (maybe while shopping with our chef).

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Discover all year round, also during off season, this magical land where nature blends with history and mythology. Don’t miss the famous Easter celebrations in the Val di Noto, the evocative classical performances at the Greek theatre in Siracusa between May and June, the feast of San Giorgio in Modica at the end of April and the feast of San Paolo a Palazzolo Acreide at the end of June. Visit the ChocoModica festival in December, or, at Christmas time, the famous living nativity scene in Cava d’Ispica set amongst the rocks and caves which evoke the biblical Bethlehem…

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